Pre-Employment Psychological Screening:

A pre-employment psychological screening is a specialized examination to assess whether job candidates meet the psychological, emotional, and cognitive requirements for all position types, ranging from entry level to high-level security to directors and executives. These may be regulatory, statutory, or employer suitability requirements for the job. For most employers, the requirements are designed to ensure that the candidate can safely perform the job duties, and has the capacity to manage the psychological demands of the occupation. Federal law requires these to be performed after a job offer is extended, so they’re performed post-offer but pre-hire. Pre-employment psychological screening may be delivered face to face or via a secure telehealth platform, providing significant advantages in speed of appointment and delivery.

Pre-employment evaluations include:

  • Comprehensive functional interview of the candidate
  • Review of medical and occupational records
  • Collateral contact as accessible and appropriate
  • Psychological screening to identify potential functional deficits
  • Clear statement of candidate’s psychological suitability to perform requirements of the job, based on analysis of all available clinical data
  • Recommendations for job placement and potential treatment needs to promote readiness