Nothing’s happened… yet. R3 Continuum’s ready services proactively prepare you and your organization for potentially disruptive future events. From ensuring that the people you hire or returning workers are ready and mentally able to do their jobs, to assessing violence risks, and training to deal with those risks, R3 Continuum will make sure you’re ready before anything happens.

Workplace Violence Program Development & Training

Comprehensive approach to reducing workplace risk

R3’s workplace violence (WPV) program provides a comprehensive approach to reducing risks associated with hostility, sabotage, and workplace violence.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

A Personalized Assessment of an Individual’s Ability to Work

R3’s fitness for duty (FFD) evaluation is a specialized formal medical-legal examination of an employee. The central purpose of an FFD is to determine whether the employee can safely perform the essential functions of a job.

Fitness for Duty with Violence Screen Evaluations

A Personalized Assessment of an Individual’s Ability to Work and Screens for Violence Risk Issues

R3’s fitness for duty with violence screen (FFD-VS) evaluation is a specialized type of FFD which assesses an employee’s capacity to perform essential job functions and screens for violence risk issues.

Pre-Employment Psychological Screening


R3’s pre-employment psychological screening is a specialized examination to assess whether job candidates meet the psychological, emotional, and cognitive requirements for all position types, ranging from entry level to high-level security to directors and executives.