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Workplace Violence

Posted by Kevin Hayford on March 22, 2017

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 2 million people are the victim of some type of workplace violence each year. This can range from verbal abuse, physical assaults to homicides and continues to be a growing concern for employers each year. There is no foolproof way to ensure that you or […]

R3 Speaks – Affective vs. Predatory Violence: All Violence is not the Same

Posted by George L. Vergolias on March 20, 2017

There is a clear and well-developed body of research showing that humans have two distinct psychobiological modes of violence and aggression response. One is Affective, or emotional; the other is Predatory, or targeted. Affective violence mobilizes the emotional “fight or flight” response system, towards thwarting off or evading a threat. Predatory violence mobilizes a more […]

Workplace Violence vs. Lone-Actor Terrorism – a false dichotomy

Posted by George L. Vergolias on March 15, 2017

How do we manage workplace violence differently from lone-actor terrorism? I get this question all the time from businesses and schools, large and small. The spirit of the question is sound. The wording is not. Talking about “workplace violence” vs. “lone-actor terrorism” is a false dichotomy. To unpack this confusion and add clarity, we need to dissect the wording. The workplace is a location, a […]

Workplace Violence and Executive Concierge Services

Posted by Amanda Reszkowski on March 8, 2017

As part of our ongoing support and consultation with high-profile executives, we acknowledge that with high levels of responsibility and authority comes greater stresses, from both within an organization and oftentimes the outside world.  These stressors can impact an executive’s ability to function at the level needed to sustain continued success personally and professionally. In […]

Five principles underlying responding to a workplace event

Posted by Dennis Potter on March 6, 2017

In this video R3 contributor and DEM expert, Dennis Potter, LMSW, reviews the five underlying principles, that experts agree, should be the foundation of any workplace response. He takes time to discuss each principle briefly and offer his insight and some practical tips.

Workplace violence prevention begins with hiring

Posted by Cassie Yatsko-Shurr on March 1, 2017

Workplace violence prevention begins with hiring. Let me first define “workplace violence.”  When I say workplace violence, I am not just referring to incidents when an employee returns to work and starts shooting. Although tragic and at the top of the list of things to prevent, they are the minority of workplace violence incidents. We […]

Press release: R3 Continuum adds Pre-Employment Screening to Services

Posted by John Cloonan on February 28, 2017

New service helps test, assess, and select the best candidates for difficult positions and work sites Edina, MN – 2-28-2017. R3 Continuum (R3) announced today the addition of pre-employment screening to their overall suite of services – the continuum of their name. Pre-employment psychological screening is a specialized examination to assess whether job candidates meet […]

We believe in active networks

Posted by Les Kertay on February 24, 2017

One thing that differentiates R3 Continuum is the breadth of our services – the continuum of our name. It also provides us a unique perspective into optimizing networks, as each service that requires a network has different needs. Some of the needs and providers cross over, but they are, essentially, networks customized specifically to each […]

Disruption is endlessly creative

Posted by Jeff Gorter on February 22, 2017

Disruption is endlessly creative. Although the disruptive events with which we assist predominantly fall into three main categories – unexpected employee death, robbery, and downsizing – we have been seeing an increasing number of events that fall well outside the usual incident types, what could be called atypical events. Some have been driven by political […]

Atypical Events in the Workplace: Reactions and Recovery

Posted by Clare McCullough on February 17, 2017

When we think of an “atypical” event, it is not the norm. In a world where many of us prefer a plan, a sense of organization, and consistency – any disruption to the typical flow of our day, and what we plan for, can cause stress. If an unexpected event occurs at our place of […]