Clinical Evaluations

Clinical evaluations deliver objective, independent conclusions regarding particular behavioral or physical health conditions to help claim managers to make confident, defensible claims decisions. Many of these services can be delivered via a secure telehealth platform, providing significant advantages in speed of appointment and delivery.

Peer Reviews

Specialized, expert opinions on complex claims

R3’s peer reviews deliver a high-quality report that provides an objective, evidence-based, independent conclusion that helps you resolve claims.

Independent Medical/Psychological Examinations

A Personalized Assessment of an Individual’s Level of Functioning

R3’s independent medical evaluation (IME) is a specialized formal medical-legal examination of a claimant.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

A Personalized Assessment of an Individual’s Ability to Work

R3’s fitness for duty (FFD) evaluation is a specialized formal medical-legal examination of an employee. The central purpose of an FFD is to determine whether the employee can safely perform the essential functions of a job.

Fitness for Duty with Violence Screen Evaluations

A Personalized Assessment of an Individual’s Ability to Work and Screens for Violence Risk Issues

R3’s fitness for duty with violence screen (FFD-VS) evaluation is a specialized type of FFD which assesses an employee’s capacity to perform essential job functions and screens for violence risk issues.

Pre-Employment Psychological Screening

Test, Assess, and Select the Best Candidates

R3’s pre-employment psychological screening is a specialized examination to assess whether job candidates meet the psychological, emotional, and cognitive requirements for all position types, ranging from entry level to high-level security to directors and executives.


Improved Claim Accuracy, Claimant Interactions, and Provider Discussions

R3’s roundtables are a collaborative approach to reviewing complex claims.


Customizable, On-site Team Education

R3’s training provides a cost-effective way to provide your employees the opportunity to earn CEU credits while learning practical information that can be readily used in their daily tasks.

Test Interpretations

Blind interpretation of completed psychological Tests

R3’s test interpretation services provide a detailed summary of completed psychological tests to aid in determining a diagnosis for independent medical examinations and fitness for duty evaluations.