Category: Workplace Violence

Defensible Documentation of Threat Cases

Posted by R3 Administrator on December 8, 2014

If a serious act of work-related violence occurs, the physical documentation of any involvement by the employer will be quickly requested by various stakeholders. OSHA will require all related documentation if someone is killed. The employer’s legal counsel and management team will want all documentation compiled. The ubiquitous plaintiff attorneys that inevitably show up will […]

Layoffs and terminations: when hostility or violence is a concern

Posted by Bruce Blythe on September 16, 2014

Terminating employees is always difficult. Beyond the compassion for the well-being of the individual, we all have the same concerns when it comes to disrupting a person’s livelihood. People who seemed fine in normal times can become immediately hostile and threatening when they learn they are losing their jobs. Should the procedures for high-risk terminations […]

How to stop school violence

Posted by R3 Administrator on September 17, 2013

One of the most pressing questions in schools today is “How can we stop school violence?” We know from experience that violence in the workplace can be drastically minimized. How about schools? While violence in schools cannot be 100% prevented, there is one approach that has been astonishingly successful that can be emulated in school […]

Layoffs & firings when violence is a concern

Posted by R3 Administrator on August 1, 2013

There are no methods that can completely and accurately predict who is going to become violent in the workplace and who is not. However, the guidelines in this article provide important and defensible considerations for assessing the likelihood of workplace violence. EA professionals should know their boundaries in working with threatening cases based on training, expertise, professional code of conduct, confidentiality laws, dual relationship issues and […]