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R3 Speaks – Affective vs. Predatory Violence: All Violence is not the Same

Posted by George L. Vergolias on March 20, 2017

There is a clear and well-developed body of research showing that humans have two distinct psychobiological modes of violence and aggression response. One is Affective, or emotional; the other is Predatory, or targeted. Affective violence mobilizes the emotional “fight or flight” response system, towards thwarting off or evading a threat. Predatory violence mobilizes a more […]

Five principles underlying responding to a workplace event

Posted by Dennis Potter on March 6, 2017

In this video R3 contributor and DEM expert, Dennis Potter, LMSW, reviews the five underlying principles, that experts agree, should be the foundation of any workplace response. He takes time to discuss each principle briefly and offer his insight and some practical tips.

Introduction to PDE

Posted by Dennis Potter on February 6, 2017

In this video R3 contributor and DEM expert, Dennis Potter, LMSW, discusses a change in mindset and terminology.  Deliberately moving away from crisis response to potentially disruptive event (PDE) to better define the events found in today’s workplace.

Inside Crisis Video: Characteristics of Resilient People

Posted by Dennis Potter on March 15, 2016

Have you noticed that after a Potentially Disruptive Event (PDE), some people seem to bounce back a little faster than their colleagues? Is this inherent within their nature or are there some characteristics in their personality that is different. In this edition of Inside Crisis we examine some of those characteristics to see how they […]

Nourishment for the Mind

Posted by Dennis Potter on March 8, 2016

We are all aware that we need adequate (sometimes healthy) nourishment for our bodies, which if kept in good shape, help our brains to function. But in addition to food, is there more we can do? I recently read an article called “The Healthy Mind Platter”, by David Rock, Daniel J. Siegel, Steven A.Y. Poelmans […]

Inside Crisis Video: Responding to Suicide Survivors

Posted by Dennis Potter on February 16, 2016

When a person completes suicide, the aftermath leaves a powerful effect in its wake. We often think of Survivors of Suicide as the family members or the loved ones of the person who died. But what about other friends, work colleagues, and other people who knew the deceased? This edition of Inside Crisis looks at […]

Small Carbon Footprints

Posted by Gordon Greer on December 8, 2015

In critical incident response, consultants are usually silent partners. We may represent EAPs. We make a big difference, but without fanfare. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. It’s about the employees, and the organizational cultures we serve. We are doing a good job when we leave a “small carbon footprint” at the worksite. How […]