Author: Tyler Arvig

Essential Elements: Behavioral Health Treatment

Essential Elements: Behavioral Health Treatment

Posted by Tyler Arvig on February 21, 2018

We live in an interesting time of amazing technological advancement. It is truly the age of everything now. The benefits of smartphones, online shopping, and navigation systems cannot be understated. Similar advancements are also evident in the medical world, with medications, treatment options, and technological service options (such as telehealth) that would have been unfathomable […]

The Process of Learning Resilience

Posted by Tyler Arvig on November 27, 2017

Life is an exercise in managing stress. Every day we are faced with barriers, some small and some large. In the work R3 Continuum does, I am routinely in awe of how often people succeed in the face of seemingly insurmountable stressors. Resilience is a commonly used term, mostly as a thing — as in, […]

Processing Grief Your Own Way

Posted by Tyler Arvig on August 30, 2017

It may just be perception due to the rise of social media and the 24-hour news cycle, but it seems like the world is experiencing a lot of loss. Terrorism, high profile suicides, and other seemingly hard to explain events have us wondering what’s to come next. In the wake of these events, we are […]


Posted by Tyler Arvig on August 2, 2017

Grief is an odd experience. We all understand what it is when happening to someone else, but struggle to understand it when we are the affected party. It is universal but never experienced the exact same by any two people. What does it look like? Most of us, understandably, conjure up thought of death when […]

How Behavioral Health Roundtable Consultation Can Work for You

Posted by Tyler Arvig on July 26, 2017

At R3 Continuum, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to help solve our customers’ problems. This is not the same as offering an array of services. We do, of course, but only those services that we know help solve a specific problem. It is a collaborative and engaged process. One such service […]

Goal Oriented, not Target Fixated

Posted by Tyler Arvig on July 12, 2017

If we are honest, it is incredibly hard at times to not focus on problems. As humans, we are simply very good at it. In disability, it becomes almost impossible to not focus on the problem. To keep with my previous theme, let’s look at driving as an example. A key concept in performance driving […]

Return to Work — Getting back in gear

Posted by Tyler Arvig on June 28, 2017

For the moment, let’s not focus on the statistics or economics of why work matters, but on the daunting task of reengaging in something we once did well, but now question our abilities and competency. Think of something you took a pause from, perhaps under undesirable circumstances, and had to do again. Was it easy? […]