Author: Jeff Gorter

Demystifying Resilience

Posted by Jeff Gorter on November 20, 2017

Resilience is a popular concept today, especially in the face of turbulent times and a seemingly endless series of mass tragedy events. Everyone is “pro” resilience, but what does that really mean – what does it look like? Is resilience a trait, something you’re born with and either have or don’t? Or is it a […]

What exactly is a disruptive event?

Posted by Jeff Gorter on September 13, 2017

Each month R3 Continuum responds to over 1200 disruptive events in the workplace, an impressive yet sobering number.  However, that statement begs the question, “What exactly is a disruptive event?” That can be deceptive, as some events may qualify as a crisis for certain groups, while others might not be distressed at all by the […]

Talking with Kids about Tragedy

Posted by Jeff Gorter on August 30, 2017

In light of the 24-hour news coverage of the events surrounding Hurricane Harvey, many individuals may struggle in how to speak to their children. In this brief video, R3 Continuum’s Clinical Director, Jeff Gorter, LMSW shares seven simple suggestions for talking to kids about tragedy. As the rescue and response efforts continue, our thoughts continue […]

Effective Support for Downsizing

Posted by Jeff Gorter on April 3, 2017

R3 Continuum’s Jeff Gorter, MSW discusses the power and impact of having a trained DEM provider onsite during a reduction in force or downsizing event.

Disruption is endlessly creative

Posted by Jeff Gorter on February 22, 2017

Disruption is endlessly creative. Although the disruptive events with which we assist predominantly fall into three main categories – unexpected employee death, robbery, and downsizing – we have been seeing an increasing number of events that fall well outside the usual incident types, what could be called atypical events. Some have been driven by political […]

Organizational Resiliency for Banks and Credit Unions

Posted by Jeff Gorter on September 20, 2016

Financial Institutions have a culture that is unique in the workplace. It is important that we understand some of the stressors that occur after a Potentially Disruptive Event (PDE) strikes. This Inside Crisis discusses some of the finer points for providing a good intervention.

Special Considerations for Healthcare Employees

Posted by Jeff Gorter on April 26, 2016

Every workplace has a “culture” of its own. Some are very pronounced and others more subtle. When working within the Healthcare field, we need to give some special consideration for the particular stressors of the work. In this edition of Inside Crisis, Jeff Gorter enlightens us on this important topic.

CIR Summit Explores Expanded Value

Posted by Jeff Gorter on January 18, 2016

Originally published in the 2016 1st Quarter of EAPA’s The Journal of Employee Assistance, the article summaries the Critical Incident Response Summit held at the 2015 World EAP Conference in San Diego, California. Hosted by R3 Continuum, the summit included 57 attendees representing 26 EAP organizations, Industry- related professional, published researchers and affiliated stakeholders. Click […]

Thoughts on Paris

Posted by Jeff Gorter on November 17, 2015

Once again, tragically, the world finds itself forced to confront the unthinkable. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris leave us all with a mixture of horror, anger, and, yes, fear as we realize such an assault on innocent civilians can happen anywhere…anytime. That indeed is the desired outcome of the perpetrators, to force us to […]