Absence Management

Absence management services provide outreach to employees impacted by a disruptive event, access to services for those employees, and immediate or ongoing case coordination – all focused on helping individuals return to or stay at work. Absence management services also reduce claims risks, and ensure employees receive the right level of care for the incident or diagnoses that resulted in them being out of work. These services are delivered either by phone or via a secure telehealth platform, providing many of the advantages of face-to-face interaction.


Research shows that reaching out to employees when they’re out of work for any reason is one of the best ways to get them back to work. Early intervention also allows any workers’ compensation claims to be resolved quickly. TeleReach provides systematic outbound telephone support on behalf of the employer to individuals impacted by a disruptive event, to provide education and creation of a return-to-work/stay-at-work plan. At R3, these outbound support calls are performed by highly-skilled clinicians who can both help an impacted individual and recognize when a person is going to need additional help.


  • Initial outreach call to impacted employee within one hour of a disruptive event
  • Two additional status and support calls to impacted employee
  • Access for employee to call in for support for up to 10 days, 24/7


When a disruptive event occurs, particularly a large-scale event, you may not know of everyone who was impacted. TeleSupport offers a telephone support line to impacted employees that they can access 24/7 for up to thirty days following a potentially disruptive event. In addition to R3’s broad experience with large-scale events, our highly-skilled clinicians can both offer direct assistance as well as recognize when a person needs additional help.


  • Unlimited telephonic access for all employees for up to 30 days
  • Clinicians who are trained to assist with coping and normalization of reactions
  • Support to employees in a discrete way and on their own terms


After the initial injury is treated, the factors that drive claim duration are psychosocial. Intervention helps get people back to work, reducing claims duration. TeleGard connects impacted employees who are having difficulty returning to work following a disruptive event with a licensed therapist in their area, and then monitors treatment to ensure focus on return to work. Our highly-skilled clinicians are experienced in managing behavioral claims and issues that nurse case managers traditionally aren’t equipped to handle.


  • Case management that ensures continued focus on treating the problems associated with the disruptive event
  • Monthly status reporting
  • Access to a licensed therapist in the employee’s area for up to six months